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Reference 9 - Previously Sold

Beautiful Antique Rosary Silver Plate with Extra Medals

antique_rosaries1k 054.jpg  


What a gorgeous and increasingly rare rosary! This antique French silver plated rosary has six extra medals by the Pater beads. Each one has a lovely representation of Mary, Jesus or St. Joseph with a delicate lily on the reverse- so typical of French medals. I believe this rosary is from the first or second decade of the 20th century based on the plain crucifix- I have seen these with dates from the first and second decades of the 20th century. In beautiful condition for a 90-100 year old rosary! The back of the crucifix is stamped Souvenir N.D De Lourdes. Note the two extra medal near the crucifix. One is a beautiful French enamel and silver medal with Mary. The other has St Cure D'Ars on one side and Saint Philomene on the reverse. This medal is aluminum. The rosary is a little over 18" when laid flat. Although I am calling this silver plate- there is no evidence of underlying brass even though some of the tiny medals and the crucifix have wear from touch. They could be silver while the beads definitely appear to be silver plate or alpaca (German silver). In a private collection. Sold for $145.00

Lovely Antique French Rosary!

antique_rosaries1k 048.jpg  

Details of Medals

antique_rosaries1k 042.jpg

I am not sure, but it appears to be Saint Patrick on the reverse of the enameled medal.

Stunning, Massive Antique Mother of Pearl French Rosary, Exceptional!

antique_rosaries1m 006.jpg

Incredible antique rosary of mother of pearl! This is a large and beautiful antique rosary from France with beads, center and crucifix all of mother of pearl and sterling. Large and heavy at over 80 grams, this really is an exceptional rosary. It measures just over just over 24", extremely large for a French rosary. Notice the silver bead caps on the Pater beads- a few show wear with small losses, to be expected of a rosary that is well over 100 years old. This amazing rosary is not only a precious antique and quite rare at this size, but also in such good condition that it could be used daily. I had a very hard time giving this one up! It has been in my personal collection for a long time. In a private collection. Sold for $325

Details of Magnificent MOP Beads

antique_rosaries1m 008.jpg

There is nothing more beautiful than the reflective quality of mother of pearl- each bead is a mystery from the sea.

Top of Crucifix is Hallmarked for Sterling

antique_rosaries1m 014.jpg

The endcaps, corpus and INRi scroll are all sterling, as well as the bead caps and chain.

Although I have no history on this rosary besides it coming from France. without a doubt it belonged to an important person.

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A Fabulous, Large and Important Rosary

antique_rosaries1m 002.jpg  

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