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Designer Rosaries 6


I am adding all my own designer series rosaries to my Etsy store at thesacredbead2.etsy.com for immediate purchase using Paypal or a money order.

SOLD Thank You! Bronze and Rust Red Coral Rosary $125

rosaries3f 039.jpg

Warm, rich, and elegant describe this luscious rosary. The rondelle shaped coral beads are a deep rust red and feel magnificent in the hand. The Pater beads are plain white antique bone with copper caps. This would be a fabulous rosary for daily prayers as it is so easy to handle and count the beads, even in hands that have a hard time with smaller beads. The rosary is 20" when laid flat.

rosaries3f 034.jpg  

SOLD Richly Fabulous Pearls Turquoise and Sterling Rosary $175

1:19:09 10:21_1.jpg

Incredible 3" sterling silver Trinity crucifix hand cast from a European antique highlights this scrumptious rosary. Rich colors of peacock reddish purple toned bronze pearls and subtle green turquoise make this a striking and absolutely gorgeous rosary. The center is a sterling scroll, again, hand cast from a Victorian antique. 20 1/2" long.

SOLD Caravaca Bronze Crucifix and Kingman Turquoise Rosary $145

1:19:09 10:15_2.jpg

Beautifully detailed Spanish Colonial Bronze Caravaca Crucifix, hand cast from an original antique in bronze is the focus of this stunning rosary. The center is a beautiful sacred heart with doves. There is a second small bronze cross also. Pater beads are incredible and rare large Kingman turquoise beads. The Aves are carved olive wood from the Holy Land. Historically themed and just beautiful. As always I just the highest quality materials for a special heirloom rosary to be treasured for years. Large 23 1/2" rosary.

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