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Unique Skull Rosaries for the Dead

SOLD! Thank you. Beautiful Skull Rosary with Vintage Bronze San Damiano Crucifix $125

antique_rosaries_n 024.jpg

This is a beautiful, subtle five decade rosary in the ancient tradition of strung rosaries. These were how all rosaries were made until the last few centuries. The presence of skulls on a rosary is also an old tradition. Many skulls are found on antique rosaries used by priests and nuns in Europe and elsewhere. Meant to provide a focus for contemplating man's mortality, they are becoming more popular again. Antique rosaries with authentic antique skulls attached are exceedingly expensive, so modern skull rosaries make an affordable choice. This rosary has antiqued bone Ave beads and hand carved natural magnesite skull beads surrounded by real turquoise as the Pater beads. This is a very soothing rosary in it's soft, natural colors. For those who know the history of Saint Francis, you will know this crucifix as the one though which God spoke to him. Something very special about this lovely vintage bronze cross is that it rings like a bell when it gently taps something- I've never had another cross that sounds so beautiful! The rosary measures 19" in length when laid flat. For those looking for a rosary to wear, this one will only fit over a head that is smaller than about 21". Never try to force a rosary over your head- it will break!

Details of the Bone Ave Beads and Natural Hand Carved Magnestie Pater Beads with Authentic Turquois Accents

antique_rosaries_n 021.jpg  

antique_rosaries_n 024.jpg  

SOLD Thank You! Lovely Bone and Natural Coral Skull Rosary w Antique Crucifix $125

antique_rosaries_n 038.jpg

This is a four decade rosary- a chaplet for the dead- rather than a five decade rosary. The Ave beads are small bone skulls while the Pater beads are beautiful natural rust sponge coral. This rosary has a rich warmth to it due to its beautiful natural colors. The crucifix is a lovely old inlaid brass and wood crucifix from the late 1800s, quite special! The center is a lovely scroll cast in bronze. This gorgeous rosary is a little over 19" in length when laid flat. For those who like to wear a rosary, this one will fit over a 21" or smaller head. Never force a rosary over your head- it will break. Although wearing a rosary is frowned on, this has only been the case for relatively recently. Historically, rosaries have been worn and are prominently shown in many famous antique oil paintings from Europe.

antique_rosaries_n 044.jpg  

antique_rosaries_n 047.jpg  

SOLD Thank You! Beautiful Coral Skull Rosary

antique_rosaries_n 036.jpg  

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