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Antique Stanhope Rosaries

Information about Stanhope Rosaries


If you are not familiar with Stanhope Rosaries here is a brief description. Stanhopes are tiny viewers that were extremely popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's. They can be found in everything from letter openers to rosaries to little charms. When you hold a Stanhope viewer to your eye you can see a tiny black and white image. These were very popular souvenirs from famous sites. Thus it is with the Stanhope rosaries. There may be a picture of the Blessed Virgin, a religious site or Cathedral inside the viewer. These are fascinating rosaries and all are about 100 years old, some a little older, some a little younger. The tiny picture sometimes deteriorates over time or becomes crooked. It is hard to find a rosary with a perfectly intact picture. There is a lot of controversy about the material of the beads. Some are bone, some may actually be ivory, some were "vegetable ivory" and some may have been celluloid. It is hard to tell exactly what the beads are made of. Since these were souvenir items it is very unlikely that many were actually made of ivory so beware of someone insisting the beads are ivory. You can tell with a magnifying glass if the material is ivory- it has distinct growth lines in it that bone does not have. These seem to be very sturdy rosaries as they are rarely missing a bead even though they are quite old. If you are a collector of Stanhopes there is even a society for you. Fun!

SOLD Thank You Antique Stanhope Rosary with St. Anne de Beaupre $155

7:2:08 12:49_1.jpg

Lovely old rosary, I believe the beads are bone due to the yellow creamy coloring. There is a good image of the Basilica of St. Anne de Beaupre near Quebec, with a smaller image of St. Anne holding Mary. The image is best seen holding the cross in an upside down direction. This was a very popular souvenir in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I'm not sure if this is the Basilica before the fire of 1922 or if it is the new one built in 1926. By the way, 2008 is the 350th anniversary, the original structure was built in 1658- amazing. Rosary is 19" long laid flat.

SOLD! Thank you. Antique Lourdes Stanhope Rosary $155

7:2:08 12:51_1.jpg

Very similar to the above rosary but the color is a whiter creamy color. Each little bead looks hand cut- there are slight variations in each one. Sweet rosary. Image is fairly clear with multiple views of ND de Lourdes. If you have never looked into a Stanhope, you have to hold your eye right up to it, if you see nothing from one side, then turn it around and look from the other side. Sometimes the images slip and you can just gently tap the side of the cross to try to realign it. You can actually have old ones repaired or replaced as the company is still in business! There is a tiny "Made in France" tag still attached. Rosary is a little over 18" long laid flat.

7:2:08 12:51.jpg  

Close up of Beads

7:2:08 12:51_2.jpg  

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