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Designer Rosaries 3


SOLD!!! Thank You. Joyful Sterling and Shell Rosary $125

10:28:08 12:18_1.jpg

What a joyful little rosary! Shell (mother of pearl) crosses are the Ave beads- what a wonderful feeling as you pray along these! The Pater beads are Czech fire polished glass. Crucifix and center are hand cast in sterling from original antiques. Such a stunning color combination too- fresh peach and a lovely pale lilac. 18" long and will fit over a small head (21" or so) if you wish to wear this one.

10:28:08 12:18.jpg  

10:28:08 12:19_1.jpg  

10:28:08 12:19_2.jpg  

SOLD Thank You! Sterling with Olive Wood Rosary $75


Highly detailed sterling crucifix with heavily engraved back highlights this simple rosary. The Ave beads are olive wood from Bethlehem, the Paters are bicone emerald green glass. The center and crucifix are both sterling but unmarked as they are cast from antique pieces. Precious metals did not have to be marked until the early 1900's so many older pieces are unmarked. This rosary is 18" and strung on the best jewelry wire for years of use.



Beautifully detailed reverse of crucifix.

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