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The Sacred Bead


Welcome To The Sacred Bead

Dear customers, friends and collectors - Let me introduce myself...  My name is Adrianne and I am Rebecca's daughter. After the passing of our mother, who’s knowledge and curiosity made the Sacred Bead such a special website, I have been maintaining the website and building my knowledge of the rosaries. She truly loved to research her rosaries and loved to teach people about them. While I am not a expert in the field of rosaries, I am versed in ecommerce, jewelry, and antiques, and will try my best to make available for purchase, a portion of her remaining collection.  I will try my hardest to answer your questions and continue the research on the rosaries and add new pieces to The Scared Bead. Also, the Etsy store has the designer rosaries and the skull rosaries that she enjoyed to make. I will also try to continue making the beautiful designer pieces that she had created.

I have created a group of pages label "Rosaries for Reference". These pages contain the previously sold rosaries with her information about each piece. They are in PDF format and easily viewed. Since she had such a wealth of knowledge I wanted to archive the research that she did and make it available for collectors and other interested people.

Thanks for visiting The Sacred Bead!


From Rebecca - 
I greatly appreciate your journey to my website. Here you will find the most extensive collection of antique and vintage rosaries for sale on the internet. I take great care to pick the finest antique rosaries for you. I am continually adding more rosaries in all price ranges so that there is always something to fit every budget! I have expanded my selection of antique crucifixes, they now have their own pages. Please enjoy browsing, learning and relaxing while visiting The Sacred Bead.

If you love learning even more about antique rosaries, visit my blog, Collecting Antique Rosaries. Here I discuss in detail collecting, appreciating and using antique rosaries.



Shipping on all items delivered to US destinations will be $5.00. Items will be shipped USPS priority mail with full insurance. If you would like expedited shipping please contact me via email. All OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS must email me first for the cost of different shipping options.

Recently Added Rosaries


To Help You Find the Most Recent Additions!

New Rosaries Coming Soon!!!!

Can't Find What You Are Looking For?


It was brought to my attention that a Search Function would be very helpful and I totally agree. Unfortunately, my website software doesn't seem to support that. So, if you are looking for something specific, just email me and I will search the inventory for you. I always get back to you as quick as possible!

See The Newly Revised and Updated Antique Crucifix and Medals Pages!


Find everything from antique crucifixes with skull and crossbones to sterling silver southwest style vintage crosses and many vintage and antique religious medals. You never know what may show up in this section! I've recently added lots of vintage and antique crosses and crucifixes that would be beautiful on a necklace!

Adding Much Requested Skull Rosaries

antique_rosaries_n 003.jpg

Although most of The Sacred Bead's customers come for antique rosary beads, I have been getting a lot of requests for skull rosaries. I am currently making some gorgeous strung rosaries featuring antique and vintage crucifixes and skull rosaries. There is a long tradition of the use of skulls in rosaries that many modern folks aren't aware of. Many of the antique European rosaries used by priests and nuns have skulls. They symbolize both the temporary nature of life on earth and Christ's victory over death. Genuine antique rosaries with original skulls are rare and quite expensive, so modern rosaries made in the ancient tradition of a strung rosary make an affordable choice. Known as a momento mori, Latin for remember your mortality, the skulls are not meant to be morbid or frightening, simply something to contemplate. Find them in the Unique Skull Rosaries section here and in my Etsy store at The Sacred Bead 2.

antique_rosaries_n 051.jpg  

Reasons That Rosaries Make a Beautiful and Treasured Gift


Antique and vintage rosaries make stunning gifts, something that will last the recipient a lifetime. Here are just a few of the reasons why they make such wonderful gifts.

  1. Many antique rosaries can be used daily- just look for my advice in each listing about how delicate or sturdy the rosary is.
  2. Antique rosaries are a fantastic investment. They continue going up in price, especially rare rosaries or those with sterling or unusual beads.
  3. Rosaries are an eco-friendly choice! Why buy something new, wasting resources and energy, when there are incredibly gorgeous and unusual antique and vintage rosaries?

See all the pages of antique rosaries, vintage rosaries, designer rosaries, antique crucifixes and others on the bar to the left. Use the list to navigate through the website.


Offering the most extensive collection on the internet of antique and vintage rosaries, old crucifixes and my own line of heirloom quality handmade designer rosaries using hand cast sterling and bronze and only the best beads. Check back often, I will be adding pieces on a regular basis so bookmark this site and come visiting often. Rosaries are added to existing pages as others sell, I may also rearrange rosaries on a page but for your convenience I will not move them to another page. I will continue adding pages in all categories! Please take a little time and read about my site and the section on Collecting Antique Rosaries. Even if you don't find that special rosary I hope you enjoy my site.

Easy Ordering Instructions


Paypal Buy It Now Buttons are available on all pages of The Sacred Bead that have rosaries that are for sale on them. If an item does not have a Buy It Now button, then the item is for reference only. These are previously sold items and in private collections now. Shipping is only $5.00 for priority mail with full insurance!

If you are buying more than one rosary, email me first and I will send you a combined invoice so you don't get charged for shipping twice.


If you would like to pay by money order, just email me and I will send you all the information. Money orders are quite acceptable!

Many Sterling Rosaries in the Vintage Section

7:2:08 12:21_1.jpg

You will find many of the sterling rosaries in the vintage section- antique sterling was rarely marked with the word sterling, so most rosaries that are marked 925 or sterling fall in the vintage category. Since there is more interest in the antique sections, I have been listing sterling rosaries there and calling them antique/vintage. I will be adding a few moderately priced rosaries to the vintage sections.

Look For Exceptional Bargains in the Vintage and Sterling Section


I realize that people have a preference for looking in the Antique Section, but you will find wonderfully priced rosaries in the Vintage and Sterling Section- make sure to look there to find some real bargains!

If You Do Not Hear from Me, Check Your Spam Filter- I Always Answer Emails!



Rosaries- the Perfect Gift


Whether it is for a wedding, birthday, Christmas or other special occasion, a rosary is the perfect gift. An antique rosary that has been prayed countless times and is made in a style impossible to find today is a precious treasure. A vintage rosary may bring back memories of one that Mom had when you were a child. A new strung (designer) rosary is the perfect choice for daily prayer- it will last for years and years without repair. These are made with the highest quality bronze or sterling crucifixes and centers with a variety of gorgeous beads. Take your time on my website and enjoy just looking at the beautiful rosaries!

Gallery Pages


I have added a section at the end of my website called Gallery where you will find pictures and information on rare rosaries from my personal collection and rosaries that have either sold on this website or are exceptional examples from personal collections. The purpose of this section is to provide pictures and information for those who are interested in antique rosaries. It is very difficult to find information on antique rosaries, either on the internet or in books, I have listed several references available on the internet for those of you who enjoy researching rosaries. This section will add to those references and hopefully help people identify their treasured antique rosaries. Nothing in the gallery is for sale. If you see something you would like, let me know and I will try to find something similar for you. Thank you so much for visiting my website and please know that I enjoy your emails and if you have additional information about anything you see here please feel quite free to contact me. I love hearing from all of you!

Each Rosary is Researched


Rest assured that as a long time bead collector and researcher I will describe as accurately as possible the materials of each rosary. There will never be guessing about bead makeup- if I state that it is coral, jet, mother of pearl, crystal, hand cut glass etc. then be assured that it is. If I have any doubts about a material I will express that in the rosary's description- some of the early man-made materials such as vulcanite and gutta percha are sometimes difficult to identify and I will state any uncertainties. I so frequently see errors on the internet, most unintentional I'm sure, about antique and vintage beads! I try my very hardest to be 100% accurate so that you know what you are investing in.

I will try my hardest to continue the research and information as my mother had - even though it will take me a long time to build the wealth of knowledge that she had with the rosaries, I will try to match her accuracy on the new items added to the website. Adrianne

Will My Antique or Vintage Rosary Hold Up to Daily Prayer?


Antique and vintage rosaries range from extremely delicate to quite hardy and the new strung rosaries are virtually indestructible (my designer rosaries)! I try to advise on the usability of each rosary that I have offered. Even a delicate antique rosary can be used daily with special care for how it is stored and handled. Wearing a rosary can cause a lot of stress to the links- and opinions about wearing rosaries vary widely. If you want to wear a rosary I would pick one that I have rated as very durable- not one with delicate antique wire links. Rosaries break- it is just what happens. Links come undone, occasionally an old link will break. These are easy to repair with a pair of tiny round nosed pliers which every rosary user should own.

About The Sacred Bead

I am a long time collector of antique and vintage rosaries and crucifixes and have decided to share them with you! My collection has grown and grown and I have duplicates of some rosaries so I am offering you a special few items from my personal collection of rosaries and crucifixes available to purchase on this website. You can use the Buy it Now buttons to purchase a rosary by using Paypal. If you would rather, you can email me (use either the email or contact buttons on the left) with your request or questions and I will send you all the information you will need regarding purchasing an item. I take PayPal but will also accept money orders or cashier checks. Thanks so much for exploring my website and I hope you find something you will cherish. Use the navigation bar to the left to find something precious for you or a gift for a special person. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LEARN MORE

About Antique and Vintage Rosaries